Breast surgery

Breast Surgery: an effective solution to improve or treat the aesthetic appearance of the breast.

Many women resort to Breast Surgery either out of necessity following a pathology or for aesthetic reasons in order to feel more beautiful and desirable. Indeed, the procedures performed on the breast are different from one patient to another according to her case and her wishes.
Practicing my noble profession in Cannes, Nice and precisely in Beausoleil, I distinguished myself from other surgeons with my perfect mastery of various surgical procedures and my total availability.

What types of Breast Surgery interventions is Dr. Belhassen practicing?

The Breast Surgeries operated by me are multiple and obey ethical rules.

Breast augmentation by implants

Highly coveted surgery that increases the volume of the cleavage, it is advised for adult women who suffer from a hypotrophy of the breasts. Breast Augmentation by silicone or saline prosthesis is also recommended for women who simply want to have 2 or 3 more cup sizes.

Breast lift

Highly demanded, this breastplasty is ideal for treating ptosis and other abnormalities affecting breast aesthetics such as asymmetry. Frequently associated with Breast Reduction, it allows having a chest in harmony with the silhouette.

Breast Reduction

This corrective and plastic operation proceeds on 2 tissues, namely the skin and the mammary glands. Breast reduction is prescribed when the breast is hypertrophied due to hormonal dysregulation, weight fluctuation or the natural phenomenon of aging.

Breast Lipofilling

Women who do not wish to introduce a foreign substance into their breasts and who have significant excess fat can use Breast Lipofilling.

This procedure involves injecting autologous adipose tissue in order to have a rebounded chest. It should be noted that lipofilling is always preceded by liposuction to extract the fat needed for Breast Augmentation.

Breast Reconstruction

Covered by social security, Breast Reconstruction is a corrective surgery which is practiced after a mastectomy (removal of a malignant tumor) or trauma that induced the removal of one or both mammary glands.

What Should You Know About Medical Consultation Before Breast Plastic Surgery?

As with any surgery, the interventions dealing with the appearance of the breasts must be preceded by one or more medical consultations in order to detect the contraindications, the wishes of the patient, the feasibility of the operation, etc.

As an empathetic surgeon who is concerned about the health of his patients, I do not hesitate to listen to them, to determine their wishes, to calm their anxiety and above all to explain to them the operation in minute details.

I also prescribe analyzes and medical reports in order to decide on several important points such as the type of anesthesia, the duration of the hospitalization, the convalescence period, etc.

Where am I available ?

Collaborating with several notable hospitals such as the Mozart Clinic and the Polyclinic Santa Maria located in Nice, I also welcome my patients in my office in Beausoleil on the border of the Principality of Monaco.

To contact me, simply call me by phone or email via the contact form.

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