Aesthetic medicine

The statistics show that 70% of the activities in Cosmetic Medicine are located in the face, compared to 30% for the rest of the body. This simple and effective rapid medicine has entered into the habits and way of life of our population..

The big advantage of this time and that a very large number of technologies and molecules have emerged and can now treat a wide range of patients wishing to improve certain aesthetic aspects such as wrinkles, stretch marks, acne, sun spots, vascular spots, tattoos, skin irregularities, sagging skin, cellulite, scars, hair loss … Statistics show that 70% of cosmetic medicine procedures are located on the face, compared to 30% for the rest of the regions of the human body. This simple and effective rapid medicine has become part of the habits and habits of our population.

Aesthetic Medicine, definition :

Aesthetic Medicine consists of a set of medical procedures, the object of which is to improve the physical appearance of the patient and to reduce or delay the effects of the natural aging process. In general, the doctor’s responsibilities are related to the patient’s care as a whole through the treatment of wrinkles and scars, lasting hair removal, treatment of pigmentary spots and disgraceful blood vessels, aging of the face, hands, cleavage and gaze, prevention of body aging, and tattoo removal using the laser. Indeed, Aesthetic Medicine is a specialty whose main interest is to improve and make perfect the physical appearance of a patient. This medicine can complement a Cosmetic Surgery so that by synergy the expected effects are optimized. Laser Resurfacing (peeling), for example, and injections of hyaluronic acid or botulinum toxin may well complement a facelift.


Techniques in Aesthetic Medicine:

Fully resorbable product injections:

This is the most frequent technique of Aesthetic Medicine, which consists of an injection of resorbable products, namely, hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin, as well as other substances. In the case of hyaluronic acid, it is a natural molecule produced by the patient’s body itself, which produces nearly 5 grams per day in order to renew its skin tissues, thus preserving firmness and elasticity of the skin. As for the botulinum toxin, it is intended for the treatment of expression lines. It will be injected into the muscle in very small doses, which will cause the temporary relaxation of the overlying wrinkles. Like these two substances, which are very commonly used, Aesthetic Medicine practitioners also use platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and calcium hydroxyapatite.

Skin rejuvenation treatments:

These are techniques of rejuvenation, which achieve appreciable results when they are practiced at the age of 40 years in order to delay the use of Cosmetic Surgery. The first technique is V-Lifting, which is based on placing the threads under the skin, causing local inflammation and tissue fibrosis, whereby the skin produces a new collagen that reduces wrinkles, improving the quality and brightness of the skin. Fraxel Laser technique, is the best solution to the porous skin resurfacing, so that its appearance is neater, refreshed and rejuvenated, by attacking the surface and deep layers of the skin. The rejuvenation of the face and body using Aesthetic Medicine is also practiced on the basis of other techniques, such as the Venus Viva, thermage, and the so-called PRX-T33.

The fractionated CO2 laser technique (Lutronic *) is a very good solution for smoothing porous skin, so that its appearance is clearer, refreshed and rejuvenated, by attacking the surface and middle layers of the skin. This technique is suitable for very loose skin with very developed fine lines. The major disadvantage is that it still requires a certain period of social eviction of a few days.

The Nd Yag SPECTRA XT Nano fractionated Q Switched Laser (Lutronic *): Also allows to rehydrate and re-tone the skin. It also makes it possible to homogenize the complexion by reducing pigmentation spots and skin irregularities. It has a significant effect on large pores. The big advantage of this laser and of course that it will not result in social exclusion. However, it will take three to five sessions to have a good effect.

One of the preferred treatments for patients is enriched platelet plasma (PRP). The protocol consists of taking 8 ml of blood intravenously. This blood is centrifuged for five minutes to separate the cellular elements from the plasma containing the platelets. It’s platelets are bags that contain a lot of molecules that stimulate skin cells and subcutaneous tissue. The technique consists in making microwells using an electric pen (Mesopen *) allowing the integration of this plasma into the dermis and into the subcutaneous tissue. The effect begins to be visible only a few days after the first session. It will peak around the fourth week and begin to wane around the sixth week. A cure of five to six monthly treatments is ideal.

Chemical peels: chemical peels is an extremely vast world. There are a large number of molecules with different indications and different activity levels. The surface peel (purify peel, glycolic acid …) has the advantage of reducing the secretion of sebum to dry oily skin to restore a tinted color to the skin as an effect of a “beach day” … Medium peels (piruvic acid, TCA at 15% or 20%) are slightly more aggressive and will have a much deeper effect, which will correct acne scars and enlarged pores. Finally, deep peels (TCA phenol) are aggressive and require a period of social eviction. They will have the advantage of treating extremely aged skin with very extensive wrinkles and correcting deep acne scars.

Mesotherapy: this technique is fairly recent. It allows the injection on the whole face of products based on vitamins allowing a good rehydration of the skin. To be put in place, the products are placed on the skin and a specific “MesoPen” comprising 12 Nano Needles will make wells (by a piston movement). These skin wells will be colonized by the products. This technique is not painful. The procedure takes 10 minutes.

The combination peeling + mesotherapy: an effective combination between a peeling and mesotherapy can be proposed during the same sessions. It did for her to optimize the desired results.

Radiofrequency: We have a bipolar radiofrequency machine from the Endymed * brand, world leader in radiofrequency. The principle of this machine is to deliver energy into the deep dermis while sparing the epidermis allowing a temperature rise reaching 55 °. This mode of emission will be done by a superficial handpiece but also using micro-needles. The risk to the skin is therefore minimal. This results in a controlled and selective heating allowing an immediate result by contraction of collagen fibers. As a result there will be skin reshaping. Monitoring skin impedance at the same time allows completely harmless treatment. The results will be optimal after a certain number of sessions. Radiofrequency is very effective both on the face and body on sagging skin, cellulite and stretch marks

HIFU: this very effective technique allows rejuvenation of the face in particular but also of the body in a single session. It must be done under local anesthesia. Needles are introduced into the skin and allow re-tensioning using high frequency ultrasound. The effect is immediate. There is no risk of damaging the skin. This procedure is more expensive than radio frequency.

Medical weight loss: Cryolipolysis:

We have a Cryolipolysis machine from Z Lipo *. The principle of this treatment is to carry out a lipolysis that is to say a cellular destruction of a fatty mass of the arms, the hips, the belly, the buttocks, the breeches, the hips, the breasts in the man. This involves causing cold destruction of fat cells. The surrounding tissues are not damaged. After treatment, the cells are completely eliminated by the lymphatic system within three postoperative months.
The treatment is not painful and there is little side effect. There is no work stoppage period to be had. The only consequences of this treatment are possible bruises and odemes.


  • CO2 LASER: This is a fractionated or unfractionated ablative treatment. This removes the various moles and rejuvenates the skin. There followed a small period of social eviction. However, skin rejuvenation treatment is very effective.
  • The depilatory laser: it is a laser having a double wavelength Nd Yag and Alexandrite. It will allow a previously shaved skin to achieve permanent hair removal. This specific laser acts mainly on all skin colors. It will take four to six sessions to allow complete disappearance of the hairs. You can perform permanent hair removal on the face, armpits, bikini line, back, abdomen, legs, and arms.
  • The Tattoo Removal Laser (Q swiché Nanofractionée) : Very effective laser to lighten a tattoo (in the idea of ​​tattooing over it) or make it disappear completely. Indeed the interest of this machine and to act at the level of the dermis to fragment the pigment. This pigment will then be digested by macrophages that cleanse the body. It will be necessary to carry out at least five sessions every 2 months. Thanks to these 3 wavelengths, this machine can process all possible tattoo colors.

Aesthetic Medicine, result:

The final result of each of the techniques used in Aesthetic Medicine is observable after 10 days in average. The stabilization period of the results is also related to the age of the patient, the areas that are treated, the methods used and the patient’s lifestyle, which remains a determining factor in the success of each procedure.

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