Skin cancer surgery

Skin cancer surgery

Specialist in Skin Surgery, I can practice Surgery for various reasons:

  • Tumor Ablation
  • Removal of lymph nodes
  • Repair or reconstruction of the region affected by cancer
  • Treatment of pain and symptom relief (palliative care)

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The interventions that treat a malignant skin tumor other than melanoma can be listed in the Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgical branch.

Skin grafting

The operation of skin grafting is recommended when a portion of the skin tissue is removed because of cancer.

Its principle is based on the withdrawal of a graft (donor area) to implant it on the region where the tumor has been removed.

This aesthetic act is usually done during surgery to remove the cancer.

Donor areas are usually the inner side of the thighs or arms, buttocks, etc.

The skin graft requires about 2 weeks in order to heal.

What are the lesions repaired by the skin graft?

There are several tumors that affect the skin and require treatment with chemotherapy or surgery.

There are several tumors that affect the skin and require treatment with chemotherapy or surgery.

The most common are basal cell epithelioma and melanoma which is considered the most severe cancer. There is also another type of lesion: spino-cellular epithelioma, which is less common, but as dangerous as melanoma.

We can also mention the squamous cell carcinoma, which is one of the most known skin cancer and which develops in the individuals who have been exposed to the sun for a long time.

Besides these malignant diseases, we must also mention the actinic keratosis which can be treated with medicines.

What are the risks of Skin Cancer Surgery?

The main risks of such surgery are infection, hematoma and Skin Necrosis, and more rarely a friction of the nerves and the blood vessels. In particular, the risk of bad scarring is particularly important when the patient does not strictly follow the postoperative instructions.

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