Silhouette surgery

Dr Farès Belhassen: a true expert in silhouette surgery in Nice and Cannes.

Over the years, cosmetic surgery has really taken off and is attracting more and more a large category of society. The silhouette surgery in particular is no longer intended only for the rich and the stars of the cinema, but becomes a need of all the population

Indeed, this area has become a global trend very accessible to many women or even men who are looking for perfection like model tops; Patients are moving more and more for this kind of treatment from Nice, but also from Cannes, Beausoleil, Monaco and even Paris. I am always happy to advise you and present you the latest techniques available to meet your expectations.

What are the possible interventions in the silhouette surgery?

I realize several cosmetic surgeries of the silhouette to know:

The lifting of the thighs

The skin of the thighs tends to relax over the years. This technique consists of decreasing and tightening the excess of the skin on the upper part of the thigh. The surgeon is obliged to ask for precise examinations and analyzes since it will be done under general anesthesia. This is an incision near the crease of the groin backwards to the gluteal fold to limit the visibility of the scar which will generally be in the form of a T or an L.

The arm lift

This is the same principle as for the lifting of the thighs, this intervention can strengthen all the arms by removing the excess skin of the inner face.

This technique allows some women to find toned skin without the need to wear clothes with long sleeves to hide the relaxation of their upper limbs. The scars are along the hidden arm at the inner side.


For multiple reasons such as pregnancy, weight loss, heredity, some women find themselves in front of an unharmonious body with a surplus of fat cells in different parts of their body. Liposuction allows to correct the imperfections of their silhouette and thus find a more homogeneous body. Liposuction can be done on the chin, belly, arms, knees, calves and also flans and breeches. It consists in carrying out an aspiration of the fat by means of ultrafine cannulas and through very discrete incisions.


In some cases, following liposuction, childbirth, thinning, we can use a tummy tuck to correct sagging skin belly. The artist will have the mission to tighten the muscles, lift the skin of the belly and get rid of unnecessary fat. Certes, la chirurgie esthétique de la silhouette est un domaine très varié et complexe mais nous disposons aujourd’hui de suffisamment de techniques pour palier à la majorité des disgrâces.

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